The Land of the Frozen Lips and Eyeballs

These photos were taken using Kodak Ektachrome ESD-5071 slide duplicating film which yields deep, saturated tones - and a cool, underexposed look when shot in low light and printed like regular film. This is Ninth Street downtown, where slipping on ice is a not just a hobby, but a way of life.

Oh my God, how will we ever reach the St. Louis Dispatch?! Missourians love when the newspapers are covered in snow because they get to slip and fall while obtaining one. This enables them to sue someone - which is always fun - and to draw attention to themselves. There's nothing a Missourian loves more than to be injured, indignant, and suing someone for it.

This is Shakespeare's Pizza where the local college kids congregate. It's sort of like Al's diner on Happy Days except there's more swearing, beer drinking, and threats of ass-kicking. Nevertheless, a fun place to hang out. Try their "Even the Crust is Made from Meat" Special.

This is my favorite picture.

Here's a building on the University of Missouri campus. The first question anyone in town will ask is, "Are you a student?" That's because every single breathing resident of Columbia is enrolled in college. If you're not, then you're a loser. Or dead.