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Mike's Friends:  (118)
The Tenderloin
Inland Empire
Doggie Diner
Kim Chi

 Member Since May 2003 Last Login 09/26/2003 
Gender: Male
Interested in
Meeting People for:
Status: In a Relationship
Age: 27
Occupation: Maverick Filmmaker
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Interests: filmmaking, video editing, arthouse cinema, b-movies, documentaries, exploitation films, marketing & distribution, urban sociology, cultural anthropology, Cape Cods, Greek food, lounge music, stereotypical humor, neo-colonialist societies, Canadian beer
Favorite Music: late 60's-early 70's jazz, elevator, and Italian film music - Ferrante & Teicher, Bacharach, Mancini, Morricone - Motown, 70's soul, 80's New Wave, the Smiths, Tears for Fears, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Psychadelic Furs, the Eagles, Glenn Frey, the Verve.
Favorite Books: Easy Riders Raging Bulls, Barrel Fever, The Ghastly One, Geek Love, the Last Picture Show, the Kitchen God's Wife, Terms of Endearment, Coming Home to Jerusalem, any plays by Shaw, Ibsen, or Chekov
Favorite Movies: Grey Gardens, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, the Dreamlife of Angels, Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, the Crying Game, anything by Douglas Sirk, Dario Argento, John Sayles, John Waters, Woody Allen, Lisa Cholodenko, Gurinder Chadha, or Rainer W. Fassbinder.
About Me: I'm just a humble, introspective guy with a wandering philosopher's mind, an idiosyncratic sense of humor, and a sincere interest in other people. I also like to have sex with animals.
Who I Want to Meet: Likeminded individuals (and Greg Kinnear).

What people say about Mike:
Roger, 09/26/2003:
Mike, the check bounced you sent to me to be your Friendster. Should I run it back through?
Garrick, 09/26/2003:
Mike and I like to bake cookies when our monkey friends come over.
Cappiello, 09/25/2003:
Mike I'm sorry I never immortalized you on of my posters. I understand now that you are legless, and about the height of my good friend Toulouse- Lautrec. Does the trunk (elephant) still work?
Annam, 09/25/2003:
kinda sexy for a neo-imperialistic sex tourist. what/ who will the voyeur- auteur do next? (remember, no money, no honey).
Guy, 09/24/2003:
hey baby... i'm an animal!!!
Jon, 09/24/2003:
I don't personally know Mike but I am everywhere Mike is, brandishing a knife and waiting for the right time to stab. I guess it all boils down to back when we were in kindergarten and he broke my "dissect-an-alien" action figure by dissecting it so much i couldnt put it back together. grrrr. makes my temples burn just thinking about it.
Roger, 09/21/2003:
Although Mike may tell the story different, I was volunteering at the special olympics, where Mike, who is legless, was in one of the competitions. There was some chemistry and sex (actually quite hot), but his wheelchair wouldn't fit in my AMC Pacer. So if he starts spouting about "alligator" he is actually referring to the pet name he gave my...well, you know what.
Taqueria Cancun, 09/21/2003:
I love it when cute boys like Mike eat me. Mike loves it when I serve him a pork chop that taste like a chicken quesadilla. It taste so good he even licks his fingers. Muchas gracias!!
Dan, 09/20/2003:
It's a good thing Mike left Portland when he did because if he'd stayed around I would have got my heart broken, I know it. Dirty, clever, and free.
Faith, 09/19/2003:
Where have all the good men gone And where are all the gods? Where's the street-wise Hercules To fight the rising odds? Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed? Late at night toss and turn and dream of what I need
Robancé, 09/14/2003:
When Mike and I were 16 we dared each other to swallow tablespoons of each other cum every time we slept over at each others house. Every single time.
Jeri, 09/13/2003:
Mike, I really love it when you get riled, it makes my asshole fingers pucker! Listen, I called you a dike as a COMPLIMENT! It's my way of welcoming you to my level, you know, waaaaay up here in lesbian heaven, far above all those dirty ass-plugging homos down in gay hell! That's all it was, a COMPLIMENT! And you wanna BET I can't make you my puppet? Love, Jeri from Santa Clarita xxoo
Elle, 09/13/2003:
You'll never believe where Mona saw Mike this time!? It's like he doesn't even care about being invited to our grade A soirees anymore.
Darling Nikki, 09/12/2003:
Hehehe. Yeah, you are old enough to be my very young father... but if you were, then my mom would have had sex with an 11 year old... eww.
David, 09/12/2003:
As peopel have mentioned before, Mike does give good head. Brilliant head, actually.
Russell, 09/12/2003:
i told mike that "no" means "no". but he no listen.
Jeri, 09/12/2003:
MIKE! JERI'S BACK! Oh how I missed my favorite dike! How is the movie about the fat lesbian Gynecologist that eats homeless people and midgets coming along? I hope you get someone super sexy to play the WENDY the SNAPPLE LADY! She's HOT! Anyway, Mike, you are one great chick, and you are a TEN, a rating I rarely give! Love, Jeri from Santa Clarita xxoo
Billy, 09/10/2003:
I have one thing to say about my experience with mike as a film maker and is the simple word "ropeburn" He tied me up, more like hog tied me up and had small farm animals lick me in the darkest of areas...whats worse is the flick was non-union...I mean it wasnt even aftra.
Kate, 09/10/2003:
Eric, are you coming back to Salem? I have this feeling that you are (Sami's constant references, Marlena's trip to Colorado, etc.) If so, first priority of business upon your return is a fashion shoot for Basic Black (no Nicole this time. We have younger and better looking models now. And, didn't you hear? She's Brady AND Victor's bitch now). Since your track record with girls includes a former porn star and Swamp Girl, I think you need to find someone wholesome and new. Let's put our heads together and come up with some your not related to. Love, Kate
Ester, 09/08/2003:
Okay so when do we start the documentary on my truly fabulous life...we've done the casting couch "THANG" and I made you my friend (and hurt my back again) Happy now? I'm ready for my close up Mr. Demille..Mazel Tov..Ester-
Elle, 09/08/2003:
Now that Cathy and Frank have both left Hartford and Mike still hasn't returned my dish... I can't throw a decent party these days. It's like an entire place setting is gone what with lending a bowl here, a casserole dish there. Mike and Frank were, ahem, close. Mike if you hear from either of the Whitakers -get back to me.
Will, 09/07/2003:
better than a tall, icy glass of orangina.
Wayne, 09/07/2003:
Mike loves to snerd nurgle. I have been auditioning for his movies every Wednesday night for the last six months, and every time he tells me, "I'm still not sure you are right for the part, let's nergle some more and see where that takes us." When am I going to get the part?? Whatever. I guess I'll see you this Wednesday, but this time, can I be the Screwnicorn?
Shannon, 09/06/2003:
Mike is the coolest cat you have ever met. I think he is so all that and I am writing him a second testimonial! All hail to Mike! He is a God! Is that a good one? I don't want an oven mitt though.=)
Charlie, 09/04/2003:
Lift up your skirt and show me your cunt, you bitch-tittied, mongoloid hausfrau.
Hakha, 08/31/2003:
Mike looks hot in black and white but not as hot as he does as a me love you long time servile whore.
Baby, 08/30/2003:
Mike and I used to do it doggy-style, which for me, was strange while simultaneously enticing. I'll be thinking of you, Mike, while I lick my ass tonight. Oooh. My tongue's sooo rough!!! Meeeoooow!
Nathaniel, 08/26/2003:
Now, here's the thing. It's one thing to blame me for his breakup with Todd - but did he have to take out revenge on me by turning Julianne against me?. Did she really need to know that I was following her, taking countless pictures, and snatching up items she touched for my personal stalker collection? Some things are better left unsaid, right?
Jennifer, 08/25/2003:
to this day whenever i pass by the portland building with a friend from out of town i tell them it's the portland casino. thank you mike, thank you so much. clever, clever man!
Linda, 08/25/2003:
'Trouble' with a capital TR.
Leo, 08/21/2003:
You might be cuter, but I'm hotter.
Whitney, 08/18/2003:
I met Mike during the senior year of my sophomore slump at the Matador on Burnside. I was traveling incognito and listened amiably while this self-described "up and coming filmmaker with some promising recognition" assailed me with his preposterous hopes for the future. In a shameless attempt at oneupmanship, I let Mike know that it was MY voice he was listening to on the juke box. "What?" he said, "that lady sings real sound like some old frog!" Within moments this rathole-raconteur was wearing my drink. And I have to say it looked quite good on him.
Arrogant Swine, 08/18/2003:
Beware. This one is a cock tease, a pseudo intellectual and has way too much time on his hands.
Elle, 08/18/2003:
Still waiting on that dish!
Beth, 08/18/2003:
Mike, I have never met you,yet I feel a need to talk about what I think of you. Isn't that like the weirdest? Like couldn't it just make you go 'huh'? Oh, I hear you are way cool and funny. Gotta go, I only have so much time in my day to talk about guys I haven't met!
Elle, 08/17/2003:
I'm one of Mike's closest and best friends. Yet he never remembers to return my favorite casserole dish! Even though he's forgetful he has his, "other" charms -flowery though they may be. Don't even attempt to throw a holiday soiree without inviting him. His witty banter is always a hit.
Yvonne, 08/14/2003:
Mike Justice was my high school sweetheart. We were also the greatest of friends and dated for 3 years. We used to cruise in his pink convertable VW Cabriolet (w/ leopard print interior), play miniture golf at the local hot spot, give eachother facials & pedicures, all of the fun things that couples do. The funny thing is during our 3 years together we never did "THE NASTY" (well, except for that one time...I'll get back to that). He told me it was because he wanted to wait until after marriage...I respected that. Come to think of it, I don't think we ever even kissed (he would do these silly little kisses on both of my cheeks...but that's about it). He touched my right boob a couple of times, but that was by accident. There was this one time when he got really really drunk at this football after party (he went a little crazy with the beer bong that night) and I took advantage of him. He's not aware of this (until today that is) but we have a love child named, Pepe Jaqueter Destiny Child Justice. After I found out that I was prego, I broke up with Mike (I didn't have the heart to tell him about our baby). I made up some lame story about hairspray bottles chasing me or something, and told him I thought it was a bad omen. Shortly after we broke up, Mike announced to me that he would be leaving his home at the local trailer park and heading to West Hollywood in S. Cali in pursuit of his career as a porn star. I became a total tramp after he left...due to sexual frustration of course...but that's a whole different story. So come to find out recently that he is....A GAY. Gosh...West Hollywood...Pink Cabriolet...I should have known! Wow...this is the first time that my "gay-dar" has let me down! This is the third boyfriend that this has happened with. I have come to the conclusion that my purpose in life is to serve the gay community as a "homo recruiting specialist". My name is Yvonne, and I have been serving the gay community helping my fellow gay brothers find their way out of the closet since 1994...Thank You!
Michael, 08/13/2003:
Mike is probably certifiably insane by now, although I haven't seen him in a while. When we were roommates he had this bizarre obsession with horror movies. I think he wanted his own life to be a horror movie. One time I caught him holding a really sharp knife in the kitchen. I think he was making dinner, but I'm not sure about that. He had a really awesome movie he had made that was a horror movie based on "Real World"-type shows. In it this one woman goes crazy and if I remember correcly, kills her roommates or something. Mike is really funny, and some people seem to think he's hot. But don't take a shower with the door unlocked if he's around.
Keo, 08/12/2003:
Mike gave really good head.
Yenni, 07/26/2003:
Mike is the cutest and hottest gay, bi,..what are you now? You are still HOT!!!! Bless your heart. If I knew you were in LA, I would've dropped by and slapped your ass a few times while I was there. Thanks for the kind words..yeah, make me a star! I've got some white boy "friends" whom are dying to see my name in the lime light and pictures and autographs and such.. I'll drop you a line.
Juleen, 07/13/2003:
Mike is good for a road trip, a talent with the video camera (Baltimore MTV, here he comes!), and absolutely angelic when he sleeps...although he probably doesn't know that I know that...heh heh heh.
RocheleRochele, 07/11/2003:
I think making movies is Mike's way of collecting souls, I mean friends. One halloween, he did a great job playing the grim reaper, err himself. I haven't seen him in a very long time, but it's scary to know that he's got footage of me at my very worst.
David, 06/26/2003:
Mike is totally incredible in bed. Oh wait, I'm thinking of someone else, we haven't had sex. But he's got the most beautiful blond curls I've ever seen. Whoops, that's the other mike... Anyway, he makes a mean babaghanoush, at least that's what John Waters told me. And according to Aretha Franklin (she was a bit tipsy when she said this) he can belt out a killer version of You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman. Other than that, he is cute (he'd reject the testimonial if I didn't include that) and boy does he have chuzpah.
Trina, 06/23/2003:
siya ay talaga isang lalaking maganda. at least this bangalang chick seems to think so. walang biro. san francisco became just a little less cooler when you hightailed it outta here... hanging out on rooftops and talking smack about lesbian stalkers just isn't the same.
Christy, 06/23/2003:
Mike is good peeps. We used to lay on my bed and take pictures with my Star Wars camera. We used to share roommate horror stories, too. I took him under my wing at Dinostore and made him a mean-lean-shoe- sellin'-machine. I love he.
Heather, 06/22/2003:
mike liked to steal my socks.
Russell, 06/19/2003:
mike is one of the sweetest most caring guys i know. he's one of those people that makes me want to be a better person. also, if you need somebody to snort third rate crank with so you can stay up all night circle-jerking on a triscuit, mike's your man. once again, swell guy. suzette says "i kill you"
Darren, 06/19/2003:
i'm guessing mike won't let me "rough house" with him cuz he's got a hot stud boyfriend. but after he sees my documentary "put the camera on me" at the frameline film festival on June 28, his sweet ass will be mine. luv your next favorite capricorn.
Shannon, 06/16/2003:
I have known Mike since he was a teenager and he is a great,fantastic,creative guy.
Charley, 06/05/2003: it legal to do that with your tongue? not sure. If Mike were any more of a sick fuck, his movies would only be available in amsterdamn and the basement of michael jackson. Gotta love him. It helps that he's totally self righteous and brilliant. Be careful, you might actually discover that he's a really sweet guy, or really good at pretending not to be.
Ryan, 05/28/2003:
An anglophile and celebophile, Justice wows us all with his wit, his sparkling eyes, and his unusual slant. I've yet to see his movies, but when I do, I know I will more than laugh, I'll jump and cum all over the place....or his face. I figure it's best to try and keep the friends that are brighter than you. So, I guess he's a keeper. See you at the Academy Awards!!!