Written and Currated by Your Mom

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I find the Pacific Northwest to be one of the most beautiful and enriching areas of the United States.  I spend a lot of time in the Land of the Silken Beaver to clear my head and re-evaluate my lifestyle choices.  They don't call it America's answer to New Zealand for nothing.  They also don't call it the land of the silken beaver for nothing.  Oregon, Washington, and Canada has some of the best beaver known to man.


Here I am enjoying the purple mountain's majesty.  Oregon is breathtaking, with lots of trees and discount stores.  I believe Sir Frances Drake said it best when he said, "If I ever die and go to heaven, I want it to be like Oregon except with fewer pick-up trucks."


Trees are beautiful.  Rocks are beautiful.  So are the birds and the rain.  It helps me forget about the child support payments and focus on the more important things in life -- such as rebuilding my bruised credit and finding a reliable source for pot.


The international blockbuster hit Body of Evidence starring Madonna was filmed at Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon. Other critically acclaimed crowd pleasers lensed in Portland include The Temp, Foxfire, and the action epic Assassins.

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