Portland, Oregon - The Hometown of Antonio Banderas

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Mike's Tour of Portland
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Portland has wild marine mammals running
amok in the streets. Mayor Vera Katz won't put
put them back in the zoos because she says
they give the city "tone."

Street kids and male prostitutes can be
a common site in the Pacific Northwest.
This can be a good thing depending
on your outlook and how much money you have.

Prostitution, domestic abuse, and meth-
amphetamine use and production are legal
in Outer Southeast Portland. A handbook
on how to make your own methlab can be
obtained at any Fred Meyer store.
W Burnside is the street for the ambitious,
goal-oriented prostitute. Here, crack heads,
heroine addicts, and gay runaways can take advantage of the bus medians which allow viewing and accessibility to both lanes of traffic.

Portland, and the Pacific Northwest as whole,
is referred to as The Land of the Silken Beaver.
This particular beaver is made of concrete, but
children and tourists like to point anyway and
exclaim, "Look, a beaver!" like it's the first
time they've seen a statue.

Portland gets more snow than Seattle
although still not that much
This is SW Fourth Ave, to the right
is the illustrious Century Plaza Hotel

Beavers have a history in Portland that
goes back for hundreds of years. The
original city of Portland was constructed
from wood chewed apart by trained beavers
who had been domesticated and bred by the Indians.
Downtown Portland can be
deserted on Sunday afternoons.
If you want, you can jump up like
Mary Tyler Moore and nobody will notice.

Gambling is legal in Portland, as is prostitution
and speed abuse. Pictured in back of me is the
"Portland Casino" decorated with a giant statue
of a woman throwing dice.

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